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The Ministry of Health adopted the Smart Paper Technology (SPT), as a solution to digitise health data and ultimately improve the country’s healthcare system. The SPT solution combines paper, scanning, and recognition technology, which allows to digitise the data collected and seamlessly replaces the previous HMIS tools.
Shifo Foundation

We are a nonprofit organisation that develops and implements SPT. Shifo is dedicated to supporting governments of lower-income countries to develop health systems that are robust enough to ensure that nobody dies from preventable diseases. Therefore, it is essential to establish methods of improving processes that capture and apply health data to scalable and sustainable solutions.

General Information

What is SPT?

Smart Paper Technology (SPT) is a paper-to-digital solution that eliminates manual data entry, automatically generates reports, allows you to follow-up on clients, access their information, and improve your performance by providing you with actionable data.

What is the flow? Patient's biodata and health services provided are captured using Smart Paper Forms, which are then scanned at the Scanning Station, automatically recognised, integrated within DHIS2, and accessed on all levels by the Ministry of Health, District’s Offices and Health Workers.

Why is it important?

- To automate data entry and reporting
- To access Patient's information
- To follow-up on patients
- To improve performance

Smart Paper Forms

To capture patients’ biodata and health services provided, as well as to issue them with a unique SPT ID number, the Smart Paper Forms are used. These are designed to collect all necessary health information in a simplified way, and seamlessly replace the previous HMIS tools.

Important: Keep track of your stock to ensure continuous availability of the forms. To prevent misuse of the forms that would affect the data quality or led to loss of data, store them in a secure and accessible place, use plastic folders to avoid damages such as wrinkles or dirt, use clipboards in the field, and do not fold them or staple them.

Why are Smart Paper forms important?

- To issue clients with a unique ID number
- To capture patients' biodata
- To record health services provided

Unique SPT ID number

The SPT ID number is the key to link and retrieve patients' biodata and health services provided. All clients are issued with a unique SPT ID number when registered with SPT, which will accompany them in any future visits. This ID number is then used across all forms to capture the health services they’ve received, and once scanned, to automatically link together all information with their biodata and previous visits in the system. 

Don't forget

To copy client’s unique SPT ID number onto his/her card, preferably in the format SPT ID: ###-###-###, and advise him/her to keep it in a secure place as it will be used in any future visits, and it will help to retrieve the medical history.

How to use SPT?

   STEP 1

Register New Patients

To issue a client with a unique SPT ID number, which will be used to record health services across all Smart Paper Forms, and to capture client’s biodata, register him/her by using the Registration form. Do so for only those clients that do not have an SPT ID yet.

Don't forget

To fill in health facility SPT ID, your name and phone number, before bringing forms for scanning.

   STEP 2

Record services provided

To capture the health services client has received, such as vaccination, nutrition, or HIV care, use the corresponding Smart Paper Form, such as Child Vaccination form, HPV vaccination form or Covid-19 Record form. Simply write down client’s unique SPT ID number and fill in relevant information.

Don't forget

To fill in health facility SPT ID, outreach SPT ID (if applicable), date of the visit, your name and phone number, before bringing forms for scanning.


To successfully link client’s information in the system, make sure the SPT ID number is written down correctly across all forms. 

   STEP 3

Bring forms for scanning

Once the session is over, collect all filled-in Smart Paper Forms and bring them to the nearest Scanning Station for scanning. 

Don't forget

To check that no important information is missing, such as health facility SPT ID, date of session, your name, phone number, and clients’ unique SPT ID numbers, as it would affect the data quality

- To automatically digitise your data


Bring forms for scanning before the set deadlines, to allow for timely data integration and generation of reports.

   STEP 4

Access your Data

Once your data is successfully digitised (an automatic process), you will be able to access it through the Dashboard and Mobile App. This will allow you to view and download automatically generated reports and statistics, as well as to search for you clients’ information and medical history.

- To view automatically generated reports and statistics
- To search for client’s information and medical history


Bring forms for scanning before the set deadlines, to allow for timely data integration and generation of reports.

   STEP 5

Use your Data

The SPT gives you a unique opportunity to use your data in order to improve your performance. You will be able to follow-up on your clients, as well as to track the key performance indicators (KPIs), which will allow you to take appropriate actions to improve the overall health service delivery.

- To follow-up on clients
- To improve your performance

How to fill-in SPT forms?

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User Manuals
User Manual for Scanning Station
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