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Insamlingsstiftelsen Shifo är en är en ideell organisation baserad i Stockholm

Shifos arbete utgör en viktig pusselbit för attuppnå en effektiv och högkvalitativ hälso- ochsjukvård för alla. Ett arbete som går ut på attskapa robusta system för överföring ochanvändning av hälsoinformation.

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We are passionate and solution-driven people. And, together, we become limitless.

We look for people who understand the importance of designing high-quality, sustainable and affordable solutions that work regardless of resource constraints.

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News & Stories

How did the national scale-up of the digital immunisation registers make The Gambia a pioneer in the continent?

Since the beginning of 2021, when all EPI-service providing health service delivery points in the country became operational, 88.984 children were registered with SPT, resulting in a total of 360.654 children that have evidently received life-saving vaccines by the end of the year.
Your dose of daily inspiration with our CEO and KTH Innovation Award winner, Rustam Nabiev sharing his remarkable story live at KTH Royal Institute of Technology
In a talk with KTH, our CEO Rustam Nabiev explains that “Primary healthcare in low-income countries must become more efficient".
Shifo achieved the landmark of 1,000,000 registered and follow-up children around the world. And that is just the beginning.
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