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Strengthening the Logistics Management Information System

In 2020, together with the Ministry of Public Health and Population (MSPP) and with funding from The Global Fund, Shifo began a collaboration to modernise the Logistics Management Information System (LMIS) in Haiti. So far, we have successfully introduced and implemented new paper-based LMIS tools in 3 departments, in  a total of 195 Health Service Delivery Points that cover the ‘Malaria, TB, Vaccination, Nutrition, Family Planning, Essential Medicines, HIV/ARV’ programs.

The goal of the project is to implement Smart Paper Technology (SPT) to ensure that accurate and timely data can be accessed, so the availability and consumption of all medicines and supplies (along with other supply chain indicators) can be tracked. Supply-chain data generated through SPT will be integrated into the DHIS2 System for data to be accessible at the district and national levels. At the beginning of 2021, preparations and plans began to scale-up SPT nationally in Haiti, where Shifo partnered with The Global Fund and The World Bank to begin the scale-up of SPT to the rest of the departments of Haiti. The Phase 2 scale-up will be implemented over a two year period through to 2023, and will see SPT being used in 10 departments and a total of 755 health facilities.

What we have done

SPT now can work in all health facilities across the country

Together with the scale-up, the solution proved to bring systemic change where health facilities and decision-makers can access timely and accurate data

SPT has proven to be scalable, as the technology is easily adaptable to the context in Haiti

In a short space of time, we have put in place a system that can be sustained by the Government of Haiti, without the need for further external funding

Status of the project

The following data use interventions will be integrated across the health care chain:

Health facilities receive key performance indicators to help them monitor their performance and identify actions to improve stock management.

Decision-makers and planners at district and national levels are able to review the performance of each health facility/department using the integrated dashboard and reports. The insights help decision-makers to identify problematic areas and make improvements to strengthen the supply-chain, and ensure the ongoing availability of life-saving medicines and supplies.

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