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Stronger together: Partners in Zambia

Reducing Operation Costs

The Ministry of Health (MoH) of Zambia and Shifo signed a memorandum of understanding in June 2020, to collaborate on replacing the existing Health Management and Logistics Management Information System with the SPT solution. The MoH worked closely with the Shifo team to undertake a comprehensive evaluation of the operating costs of the existing system, in comparison to the SPT solution.

The results showed that SPT could save up to 90% of annual operating costs, which would save the MoH and its partners 3 Million USD annually. With this information in mind, the MoH decided to begin the process of implementing SPT to replace the existing HMIS. As a long-standing partner of Shifo, IK Aid and Relief Enterprise (IKARE) agreed to invest in the initial phases of the implementation, to ensure SPT was adjusted, piloted and evaluated in Zambia. During  2021, the MoH and Shifo have worked to adjust SPT to the requirements in Zambia. The Global Fund and Clinton Health Access Initiative have agreed to support the pilot of SPT in Southern and Eastern Provinces.

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