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Transparent and accurate

Evaluations of our solution, consistently demonstrate the transparency and accuracy of SPT-generated data. For example, in Afghanistan, quality assessments of SPT data have previously indicated 100% data completeness, 91.66% data timeliness and 100% data consistency.

Nationally scalable

The Gambia was the first of our partner countries to implement our solution at a national scale, where were have already seen more than 60% annual cost savings of administrative time. Other partner countries have also demonstrated how scalable our solutions are. For example, in Uganda, 84% of SPT-related work processes have been transferred to the existing health system structure, where local health care professionals are overseeing the work.

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SPT is nationally scaled for COVID-19 and EPI programs. We are present in 9191 health clinics. And counting.

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A total of 1389 health service delivery points (HSPD) are using SPT as part of routine service delivery

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The Gambia

With SPT implemented in more than 430 HSPD, The Gambia is now the 1st African country with a fully electronic register

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SPT is currently being evaluated in Lunga-Lunga Sub-County, Kwale County

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A national implementation of SPT is underway, for strengthening the Logistics Management Information System

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The fight against the Covid pandemic with smart solutions and data-driven actions, is underway

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The impact of our solution for RMNCAH is being tested and measured by Karolinska Institute and Ifakara Health Institute


The use of SPT to transform EPI and RMNCH services has now begun

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It is not just data. It is actionable data.

Reliable information is an indispensable aspect of sustainable national health systems in low and middle-income countries. This is why we developed our solutions to be deployed in both resourceful and resource-constrained settings, and allow us to bypass infrastructure limitations while adapting to the needs of each location.
At Shifo we develop scalable solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of the settings in which they will be implemented. Our team, whether located in Sweden or in our partner countries, works hand in hand with Ministries of Health, health workers and implementing partners. Our close collaborations allow us to manage large scale projects whilst simultaneously developing innovations to enhance the delivery of care.

At the individual level

We generate electronic patient health records

At the community level

We provide SMS reminders to help patients manage their health care schedules

At the healthcare service delivery point

We reduce administration tasks of health workers and facilitate service improvement

At regional and district level

We accurately forecast supply needs, and provide data to support and advise health workers on service improvement actions

At national level

We provide access to reliable data for decision-makers to identify areas in need of improvement, and to reduce inequities in health services

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