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Reduction in data

*Based on the annual cost comparison of the existing HMIS and SPT in Zambia


Health Service
Delivery Points

In eight countries around the world.


Data visibility, regardless
of infrastructure limitations

*Based on external evaluation of SPT
solution in The Gambia

Count the uncounted

Shifo is the only organisation able to collect and scale useable health data at a national level, and establish sustainable data-use cultures to solve healthcare's greatest challenges. Due to Shifo’s unique solutions, we can address specific infrastructure needs of low and middle-income countries, while delivering high-quality patient and supply-chain data.


Shifo's solutions eliminate the need to physically travel to health facilities to undertake data verification activities, thus providing cost savings for Governments.


Shifo’s solutions can be sustained by Governments without external donor support. As an example, the costs of the current health information system in Zambia can be reduced from 3.5M USD to 500.000 USD per year, by using Shifo's solutions. 


Shifo's Smart Paper Technology (SPT) solution is modelled after existing paper forms used by health workers during service delivery. This allows health workers to easily adopt the solution, and results in a seamless transition to the SPT solution in all health facilities. This has been proven in The Gambia for example, where SPT has replaced previously used national systems to support the delivery of the EPI program.


Shifo’s solutions generate high quality electronic data and provide immediate access to service and patient-level data, for professionals to access across health systems. This allows data to be used to improve service delivery and facilitates evidence based, informed decision-making at all levels.
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Dr. Seth Berkley, Gavi CEO

“Innovative approaches like MyChild can help us provide every child with a digital health record, even in remote areas without electricity or internet. This is a crucial step towards protecting every child against vaccine-preventable diseases.”

ActionAid International The Gambia
Omar Badji, Executive Director

"The MyChild Solution will facilitate access to preventive child health services and provide high quality, relevant information regardless of infrastructural limitations. The organisation has given its unflinching commitment to work with Shifo on the programme as well as the onward scaling up of the project nationally."

The Global Fund
The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria  

"Their support  has  not  limited  to  introducing  their  new  technology,  but  they  also  supported  the overall data collected structure, strengthening the culture of data use to support key decision makers"

The Gambia Ministry of Health

"To our knowledge, there is no organization, except Shifo, who managed to replace the existing HMIS System at scale in the Africa continent."

Dutch Ministry for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation
Sigrid Kaag, Dutch Minister

"We are proud to be supporting Shifo in The Gambia. This type of innovative solution is exactly what is needed in low-resource settings to reach every last child with life-saving vaccines and will hopefully enable the Gambian government to further strengthen their immunisation activities."

The Swedish Postcode Foundation
Marie Dahllöf, Secretary General

"We have been working with Shifo for a while and like their approach to alter their methods to ensure their programmes are sustainable and bring real time value to improve the quality of care to current and next generations. We support Shifo in achieving its vision of no child mortality or suffering from preventable diseases in Gambia and we look forward to more valuable learning and outcomes from the project."

Anne Holm Rannaleet, Executive Director

“It’s only by strengthening health systems and making sure we act based on the data at a facility and district level that we can know exactly which facilities are under performing and where the gaps are. As a sustainable and cost effective innovation, not only does MyChild provide a solid base for registering all children at birth and ensuring they are immunised on a timely basis, but it also allows for systemic change and continuous quality improvement in the health sector.”

Jochnick Foundation
Kajsa Åberg, CEO

“We know that Shifo cares about the end result - that the existing health system should sustain the gains. That's why we are proud to join the consortium and ensure we can integrate 100% of all operational processes into existing health system structure.”

You're in good company

At Shifo, we go beyond technology. We build strong and sustainable relationships with Ministries of Health, funding partners, NGOs, Universities and the Private Sector.

We strive to improve all processes and implement innovative financing mechanisms. More importantly, we believe in the transforming power of capacity building at all levels of health systems to deliver a long-lasting impact on health services.

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More than 1,000,000 patients followed-up in +11.000 clinics.

Shifo is implementing large-scale initiatives in 8 countries around the world.

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