Towards a better healthcare system

Our solutions, known for their reliability, scalability, and cost-effectiveness, transform performance measurement at service delivery points, streamline administrative tasks, and channel all efforts toward continuous improvement.

First things first. How do we capture client information?

It is done through SPT data collection and it is really the backbone of all our initiatives, empowering us to establish all the necessary reports and statistics.

Highly effective solutions


Elevate the effectiveness of Results-Based-Financing with timely payments and rewarding outstanding performance.

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See the outreach outputs, then pay participating health workers directly. Always full transparency and strong accountability mechanism.

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Enhance effectiveness and convenience through fast transactions with digital records and accountability.

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Support Supervision

Encourage high performance by rewarding districts for high performing facilities. Follow districts every step of the way.

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Improve efficiency and convenience by streamlining transactions with digital documentation and enhanced accountability.

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Stock Management

Easily manage stock levels and track consumption, avoid overstocking and losses with granular data in a cost-effective and time-efficient way.

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You are in safe hands!

We have implemented our solution all around the world.

“National implementation in less than 6 months!”

What our partners have to say

Voices from Afghanistan

Talking about how Shifo SPT system can save valuable time for health workers, allowing them to dedicate more of their efforts to patient care. Simultaneously, digitising records is enhancing data accuracy and accessibility, leading to higher data quality and improved healthcare services.

Voices from The Gambia

We recognise that high-quality data isn't just about accuracy; it's the key to planning and improving healthcare services. By ensuring data quality, we ensure health workers can prioritise patient care over data entry, resulting in more focused healthcare delivery.

Voices Uganda

Enhanced data quality and digital systems have made it easier to track children. Data discrepancies are no longer a concern which is a big relief. We're relieved from the burden of filling numerous register books, allowing us to focus on counselling and caring for mothers and their babies.

Voices Kenya

We can now efficiently track mothers and babies while providing accurate information. With the elimination of register books, we've significantly cut costs, allowing us to allocate resources where they matter most – improving healthcare services for our citizens.

Our Partners

At Shifo, we build strong partnerships with health ministries, funders, NGOs, universities, and the private sector. Our belief is that only together, can we achieve real change and better healthcare for all.

What does the evaluations show?

Reduction in data validation costs

*Based on the annual cost comparison of the existing HMIS and SPT in Zambia

11 000+
Health system delivery points

In eight countries around the world

Data visibility, regardless of infrastructure limitations

*Based on external evaluation of SPTsolution in The Gambia

Why our solution is the best?

No extra infrastructure required
National implementation in 6 months
Easy to learn and adapt for the health workers
Sustainable to maintain for countries
No need for manual data verification
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