Stock management solution

Good health care service is not possible without good stock management of the health care products.

With our solution you don’t have to be worried about stockouts or overstocking and losses. We’ll ensure that all the products are utilized at their best time leaving no room for errors and wastage.

Health care products’ availability is now ensured!

Let’s take a look at the features offered by our stock management solution!

This is an overview of the features without going through the details.

Stock movement

Record any type of stock movement whether it’s an entry, exit, adjustment or loss with ease and in a few steps. This feature is available on both our smartphone application and on our smart paper forms. So no worries if electricity or internet is not among the options.

Purchase order

Our solution will prepare the purchase order for you based on your needs. This feature will help you avoid any possible stockouts or overstocking. All you need to do, is to review the purchase order items created automatically by the app, approve it and once your order is delivered to your establishment, approve the receipt so that the stock on hand will be automatically updated.

Inventory management

Our solution offers a seamless way of checking the physical balance of your inventory. Simply count the items in your inventory, and record them in the app, so that it will automatically create all the adjustments and update your current inventory balance on hand.


Encourage high performance in stock management by enabling the RBF mechanism using our solution. Define indicators to be measured, such as inventory accuracy, product availability, dispensing accuracy or reduce in wastage, and compensate the facilities for their efforts to keep them motivated to achieve better results.

Stock management reports

Our solution offers nemerous reports that are generated automatically based on your stock management efforts.

Check all the features in action

In this introduction video we’ll take a look at each feature in details.

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