Campaign improvement solution

Campaigns are a great way of providing health care services, or stopping the disease outbreaks. Effective campaign although crucial, are hard to achieve.

Our product provides you with handy solutions to measure the performance of the campaigns, so that you are assured that the project went successful. Only then you can pay the hard working health workers who helped you achieve the outcomes.

Make the change in the campaign projects, make them count.

Let’s take a look at the process from the users’ perspective

We’ll show you how the process begins from capturing data to the end where the payments are made!



Health worker

During the campaign, Florence and his fellow health workers fill in a SPT form called “Campaign attendance and validation”. We’ll use this form to know who should be compensated for the health services offered during the campaign.He also captures the information of the clients on another SPT form dedicated to the provided services. We’ll use this information to know who received the services as the supporting document for payment and also to measure the outcome of the campaign.



Health worker

At the end of each day he scans the forms using either a smartphone or a scanner device, transforming them into digital data, recognized and processed by the SPT system. This transition from paper to digital not only preserves the data but opens up a world of opportunities. Once Florence scans the forms, the system sends the information to the verification team so that they can verify the payment’s eligibility.




Once inside the SPT system, the scanned information makes its way to the District health team, where Esther works as a verifier. Esther makes sure that the reported numbers align with the actual cases by reaching out to a selected group of patients.



Verification manager

Once this verification process is complete, the District's verification manager, whom we'll refer to as Samantha, gives her official approval.


Diana & Daniel

Program and finance manager

With Samantha’s approval, the requisition enters the final stages. Its data is transferred into an accounting system, triggering the creation of an official bill. With this, two new characters enter the story, the program manager Diana and the finance manager Daniel from the payer organisation. Both Diana and Daniel need to examine and approve the bill before it can go for payment. At this stage all requirements of an accounting system are met.

As a result

Direct payment

The payment is directly made to the health facility’s account, avoiding any heavy documentation process, with ease and fast.

Report automation

All the accounting reports are created automatically making the accounting and auditing processes seamless.


You can review the supporting documents to make sure that the coverage during the campaign was satisfactory before the payment is done.

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