Support supervision solution

Health care services must be performed according to standards and support supervision visits are there to guarantee this. Make sure the visits are effectively happening and pay the supervisors fast and secure.

Our solution provides you with supporting documents so that you’re sure that the visits are happening. Once you’re sure that the supervisors are eligible for payment, pay them within hours and keep them motivated to keep up the good work.

Be assured of the effective support supervision visits and pay for them.

Let’s take a look at the process from the users’ perspective

We’ll show you how the process begins from capturing data to the end where the payments are made!


Julia and Micheal


During their support supervision visit to the health facility, Julia and Micheal will write their feedback, alongside with their information including their name, position, phone number, national ID and will sign a SPT form called “Support supervision attendance and validation”.
These information will help us pay them after the support supervision visit is finished. We’ll use their phone number to pay them directly using mobile money.The health facility’s manager should also sign the form and approve their visit.




Once the support supervision visit is done, someone, for example Michael should scan the SPT form, so that the data will be digitized and the bill will be created.


Diana & Daniel

Program and finance manager

Once Michael scans the form, the data is digitized and the bill is created. This will notify the program manager Diana and finance manager Daniel to approve the bill. They can review the bill and the attached supporting documents and approve the payment.
The supporting documents include the attached SPT form, the suggestions that were made to improve the visited health facility and also the Geo-location of the supervisors to guarantee that the visit was made. Their approval will result in supervisors, Julia and Micheal to receive their compensation in their personal accounts.

As a result

Direct payment

The payment is directly made to the health facility’s account, avoiding any heavy documentation process, with ease and fast.

Report automation

All the accounting reports are created automatically making the accounting and auditing processes seamless.


You can be sure that the support supervision visit was actually made, the improvement suggestions were helpful and only pay, once satisfied.

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