At Shifo Foundation, we work towards a vision:

A day when nobody dies or suffers from preventable diseases.

Why does it matter?

In low and middle-income countries around the world, the poor quality of health management information systems is a major challenge in providing high-quality healthcare.

Through the strengthening of the culture of data, we set up an accessible solutions to address challenges in health programs and health product supply chain management. The information generated through robust systems is essential to track priority health indicators, improve health service delivery and inform decision-makers to maximize the positive impact on the overall health system.

Where are we heading?

Shifo Team focuses on building solid national health/logistic management information systems that can be sustained by Governments themselves. An essential package of health services is included for all the citizens and is effectively delivered to everyone. And, to get there, we first need to install cost-effective and reliable national health and logistics information systems. We believe that any health system strengthening effort should be 100% aligned with each country’s vision and we focus equally on developing solutions that produce reliable data and efficient processes.

In this mission, Shifo works with partners and local governments to strengthen health systems to improve the quality and equity of healthcare for some of the most vulnerable populations in the world

Bold relationships, long-lasting achievements

Transforming the way healthcare is delivered worldwide is not something we can do alone. And, fortunately, we don't. Our partners are fundamental to us. We rely on each other's skills and resources to create innovative ways of guaranteeing results and outcomes.

Multilateral Partners



Private Sector Partners

Asli Kulane
Programme Director of Masters in Global Health & Public Health in Disasters at Karolinska Institutet

“I am passionate to work with Shifo because Shifo's solutions contribute to evidence-based decision-making and more accurate measurement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)”

Did you know?

Because Shifo has close relations with European universities, organizations and governments, we can support our partners in higher education, certificate courses and special training opportunities, including special PhD Programs. Plus, Shifo is based in Sweden, where a world-class healthcare system is in place. That enables us to bring knowledge, references and insights of what are the successes and failures we should look for in our solutions and partnerships.

Our Board

Bo Göransson


Rustam Nabiev


Asli Kulane

Board Member

Carl-Gunnar Höglund

Board Member

Ulrika Rugumayo

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Eugene Bushayija

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Andreas Winqvist

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We had to change ourselves before changing the world

In 2013, Shifo developed point-of-care electronic applications, based on mobile devices and laptops. But, we quickly found out a number of major weaknesses and risks with eHealth solutions such as unavailability of electricity, network and especially resources to sustain the solutions.

This meant that health workers had to do double work: to collect data on existing health management information system (HMIS) forms and entering the same information into the mobile devices. Hence, in some regions, it worsened the very issues we were committed to improve.

With that in hand, we went back to the drawing board and developed the Smart Paper Technology Solution. This new use of technology blends the paper and digital systems and enables countries to have all the benefits of point of care eHealth Solutions.

Our first investors & partners

Our angel investors supported the development and growth of Shifo. Their eagerness for change enabled us to accelerate our solution exponentially.

Jesper Lilliesköld
Founder of Besedo and Ulf & Vänner and Shifo Angel Investor

"Investing in preventive health care is investment in future generations and with implementation of Shifo’s MyChild Solution, social return on Investment increases over time. I strongly believe in the idea of MyChild Solution and the team, and I am sure sustainability can be achieved and I want to support that development."

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