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In most low and middle-income countries around the world, the ineffective health management information systems are standing in the way of achieving high-quality and high-performing healthcare. By strengthening the data culture, and setting up accessible solutions, we unblock the bottlenecks and build reliable information systems. These are essential to track priority health indicators, improve health service delivery and inform decision-makers to maximise the positive impact on the overall health system.

Where are we heading?

Shifo is focused on building solid national health and logistic management information systems that are sustained by Governments. We believe that any effort to strengthen the health system should be 100% aligned with each country’s vision. Therefore, we focus on developing solutions that produce reliable data and efficient processes to support Governments in achieving their goals. In this mission, Shifo works with partners and local governments to strengthen health systems to improve the quality and equity of healthcare for some of the most vulnerable populations in the world.

Bold relationships, long lasting achievements

Transforming the way healthcare is delivered worldwide is not something we can do alone. Our partners are fundamental to us, and we rely on each other's skills and resources to create innovative ways of guaranteeing results and outcomes.

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Because Shifo has close relations with European universities, organizations and Governments, we can support our partners in higher education, accredited courses and specific training opportunities, including PhD Programs. Shifo is based in Sweden, where a world-class healthcare system is in place. This further enables us to offer knowledge, references and insights into how successful and efficient solutions and partnerships should operate.

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